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Acest proiect a fost finantat de Fundatia Baden-Wurttemberg, Burgerstiftung din Ulm si alti sponsori.

Banat Village Museum, Timisoara, 16.06.2014

Meeting of "Danube-Networkers" in the Banat Village Museum the 16th of June 2014.

Timisoara, 14.06.2014

The writers League met for connecting lectures and crocheting for the Danube friendship band.

Timisoara, 04.06.2014

In the frame of  “The wanted Danube” Project, the Senior Women` Club had a meeting named “My Danube” in 04.06.2014, at their office in Timisoara. They knitted beautiful rivercarpets, while they discussed about the countries from Danube Region and sang songs such as “ Hai, Dunarea mea” ( My Danube ) as you can watch in the attach. Their next danubian meeting will be in 16th June at Banat Village Museum.

Kolloquium, 17.05.2014

Timisoara, Banat Village Museum


Secondary School No 7


Technical Highschool Grigore Moisil


Calarasi, Romania, 08.03.2014

Tuesday, on the 8th of April 2014, the Cross Border Regional Office Calarasi for Romania-Bulgaria Border organized at its headquarters in Calarasi, Romania, an event during which were presented not only the carpets that were knitted by Cross Border Team team (12 pieces), but also the carpets that our Bulgarian friends were kind enough to bring in order to be exhibited on the Romanian part of the Danube River. Furthermore, we are very happy to say that the Partenii Pavlovich Regional Library and the Dobrogea Folkloric Group, both from Silistra, Bulgaria, also attended the event.

With "Writers-League" from Temeswara, Romania

October in Vannes France

newspaper Rasunetul

Bistrita 04.03.2014

High School Vlad Tepes

“Martisoare” on Danube 03.03.2014

Gewollte Donau


Theoretical High School Vlad Tepes 29.01.2014
4th  grade Telling stories on the Danube way

The Writers’ League Timisoara Banat Branch 

Crocheting the band of Danube on Martisor Day 01.03.2014

West University of Timisoara
Faculty of Sociology and Psichology

Carpatho Danubian Pontic Area 06.03.2014


Danube in Romanian and Universal literature 27.02.2014

Secondary School No.25

5th grade Among the waves of Danube

with the crochet 21.02.2014

Cultural Association Constantin Brancusi

United Hearts, River Carpets 22.02.2014

Romanian Writers’ League

Cluj  Napoca 02.02.2014