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This project has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Bürgerstiftung of Ulm and other sponsors.

We also received a Thank-You letter to all people who donated to Gunja

The primary school in Jamena has received the school materials they bought for the donation. They also got school furniture, but they will use it after reparation of the school floors.

Photographs, author: OŠ "Filip Višnjić", Jamena; Licence for the photographs: Sent on 18/11/2014 to the DANET office.

Information about Jamena and Gunja

Around 80 % of Jamena – private houses, public institutions, school, has been destroyed by flood. The primary school with 63 children in age up to 15 years old was closed due to damages. The school materials, furniture as well as heating and electricity systems needs to be repaired and replaced receptively.

The kinder garden „Zvjezdice“ in Gunja takes care of children with disabilities, mainly mentally handicapped. They accommodate 20 persons at present – preschool and primary school children, and young people. The flood has destroyed all their property, documentation as well as two parks with a play yard and herbs garden.

With our mutual project The Wanted Danube we are going to support those two institutions to rebuilt their property and continue with their work. 
You can see here some of photographs that show the severity of the flood destructions from Jamena and Gunja that we received from our partners.