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This project has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Bürgerstiftung of Ulm and other sponsors.


Danube-Networkers for Europe e.V. (DANET) is an European not-for-profit association of educational organisations, dealing with and promoting education and scientific research as well as exchange and cooperation in the following areas: learning and education in later life, social participation, cooperation and dialogue of generations - in Europe and particularly in the Danube Region. DANET is meant to give new impetus to the development and implementation of common European policies on social development, social participation, learning, education and intergenerational dialogue. Moreover, DANET aims at supporting experts in these areas.

DANET was founded in March 2014. It is based on the cooperation  between  Universities and civil society organizations from different Danube-countries in the frame of the informal educational Network "Danube-Networkers" since 2008.Many projects have been realized together by the "Danube-Networkers", the last one is "The wanted Danube".

President: Carmen Stadelhofer, Academic Director (ret,)
President of ILEU e.V. 

DANET Office
c/o Institut ILEU at Ulm University
Olgastraße 109
89073 Ulm, Germany
Tel.: +49/731 5026690
The DANET Office is supported by the State Ministry


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