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This project has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Bürgerstiftung of Ulm and other sponsors.


Also our partners from Ruse (Bulgaria) got a great publicity for their activities within The Wanted Danube. Here are the links with more informaltion:

05.04.2014, Проект „Желаният Дунав”, и в с. Красен, more pictures and information about the project activities in Ruse publisched on the home page of Union of Pensioners 2004 from Ruse.

01.05.2014, “Седянка събра пенсионерите от Иваново”, Тръстеник и Красен, Ruse Info published a very nice article about The Wanted Danube.

23.05.2014, Facebook of our partner organisation from Ruse.

24.05.2014, “Пенсионери от Русе тъкат „европейски килим“, an article of Pressdaily on the internet.

24.05.2014, “Пенсионери тъкат "европейски килим" с дължината на река Дунав”, a report from DUNAV MOST newspaper.

26.05.2014, “Нестандартно! Русенци "плетат" Дунав”, a report on the internet, newspaper Sever.

26.05.2014, “250 русенци плетат „килим река””, newspaper Novinar reported about the Wanted Danube in Ruse.(article1article2)

27.05.2014, “Русенската "килим-река" и Празникът на гъбата”, Expressnews about The Wanted Danube in Ruse.

27.05.2014, “Нестандартен „килим река” изплетоха 250 души”, a TV report on the internet about The Wanted Danube from Nova News television available on the internet too.

04.06.2014, A TV report about the Wanted Danube on BNT 2 television.

16.07.2014, Стотици пъстри килимчета от Русе потекоха в „Желания Дунав“ , published on Utro Ruse.

20.07.2014, Русенци се включиха в проекта "Желаният Дунав" published on Ruse Info.

06.2014, a brief article about the participation of partners in Ruse on the project The Wanted Danube.

05.2014, “Ден на самодееца и Честита Баба Марта в с. Бабово”, with an article and photographs about The Wanted Danube published on the home page of Union of Pensioners 2004 from Ruse.

22.09.2013, a brief article of the University of Ruse (Русенският университет) about the collaboration within the Danube Networkers e.V. network.

Besides the links, we are also receiving the scanned media reports and photographs from our partners as some of reports are not available on the internet anymore. All these documents will be archived in our project archive and available upon request.