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The DANET Day in Bulgaria - Ruse, Borisovo, Ryahovo, and Silistra

Paisievo, 29.06.2014

Secondary school "Hristo Botev", village Paisievo, Bulgaria; Director: Mrs. Ulvie Rafi; teachers: Nehire Dail, Shingyul Bilyal, Aysel Ahmed

Ruse, 29.06.2014

Soroptimist International - Ruse, President: Mrs. Dimitrina Varbanova; 22 Members: Milena Popova, Maya Micheva, Preslava Velikova, Boryana Atanasova, etc.

Veliko Turnovo, 21.06.2014

A meeting of the Union of Pensioners in Veliko Turnovo. The presidents of the sections in Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, Mrs. Radka Markova and Eng. Yordan Kazakov, have presented some results of the project "The Wanted Danube".

Ruse, 21.06.2014

Emily Velikova, Nedka Peneva and Velichko Velikov

Emily Velikova, Nedka Peneva and Velichko Velikov

Ruse, 20.06.2014

The students from 1 B class at the Primary School "Otec Paisiy", Ruse with their teachers.

Obretenik, 14.06.2014

Pictures from the school in the village Obretenik

Obretenik, 14.06.2014

Pupils from the Primary School "P. R. Slaveykov", village Obretenik, in the District of Ruse are learning crocheting and where the Danube is going on.

Ruse, 04.06.2014 

Interview about the project "The wanted Danube" in the Bulgarian Televison, with Prof. Dr. Nicolay Mihailov and Prof.Dr. Emily Velikova, Ruse University, and Yordan Kazakov, President of the Pensioners Club, District Ruse 

here is the interview

Ruse, 23.05.2014

District Ruse, 18.05.2014

Ruse 14.05.2014

(note: the date in the image is wrong)

Pensioners Club District Ruse


Ryhovo Club 1

Ryhovo Club 2

Ryhovo Club 3

Library of Silistra 11.04.2014

Pictures and video of extempore exhibition in the library of Silistra. The idea was of library staff. We wanted to decorate library rooms and corridor with a colorfully carpet of knitting even for some hours. We had a lot of fun together with library users.

Silstra, Bulgaria, 08.04.2014

The 8th of April 2014 participants from Silistra, Bulgaria, brought their River-carpet pieces to Calarasi, Romania. Together they celebrated "the wanted Danube" on the River side.

Silistra, 06.03.2014

Danube-Event in Silistra with participation of citizens of Silista, Bulgaria, and Calarasi, Romania, on the 26th of March on the border of the Danube in Silistra.







Babovo, Distict Ruse,

1st of March 2014, with "Martinitza"


District Ruse, February 2014

Testphase October 2013 in Ruse,

Ruse University


German Highschool in Ruse


Pensioneers Club in Trastenic, District Ruse